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Pictured: Connie with Joely and Tricia Leigh in 1970He had divorced America's sweetheart, actress Debbie Reynolds to marry Elizabeth Taylor, just three and a half hours later in 1959 – after becoming close when Liz's husband Mike Todd died in an airplane crash the year before.

With the divorce, he also ran out on his baby daughter by Debbie, actress Carrie Fisher.

I spend money the way an addict does (a lot or not at all).'You don’t get addicted to something just because you’re exposed to it.

My father was predisposed to be an addict; so was my mother; so were we all.'I think the reason you drink, smoke, eat, shop is that you’re trying to quiet that inner critic, that feeling of worthlessness, or lack, or inadequacy.' So when Joely was disappointed with her acting career, she 'dealt with that feeling by going home and having a bottle of wine'.

So he'd ask his two young daughters – when he saw them: 'Show me your t*ts'.

Eddie was never around to be a father and never knew how to communicate with women, except sexually.But she always chose losers in men and married actor James Stacy in 1963.He turned out to be a psychopath who burned Connie's baby pictures, cut off her hair when she was sleeping and was physically abusive. Ten years later, Stacy was convicted of child molestation.Connie always had to be the controlling partner in relationships, according to Joely, so she went after weak men.On the rebound from the divorce, she met Eddie Fisher, the pre-Elvis, pop singing star of the 1950s, who came with a truckload of salacious gossip.

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Rejection and loss motivated her to drink but she writes that it never impacted her ability to be a good mother to her five children or her 20-year marriage to cinematographer, Christopher Duddy.

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